ConQuest Avalon
November 9-11, 2018

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Historical Miniatures
Sun 11 AM
to 5 PM
(6 hrs)

H-173: American Civil War Action
Presented by Greg Marker

Rank and File published by Crusader Publishing
Regular signup, room for 6 players (using 4 tables)
Regular Game, General Gaming Experience, GM will provide characters and/or armies for the players
Location: not yet assigned
Description: A meeting engagement? A set piece battle? A flank attack? All of the above? Expect the unexpected. The real goal? Push figures around, 'knock' some over, have some fun, enjoy some camaraderie, behold a nice looking table. History is the warp, fun is the woof. No need to know the history - just a desire to have a good, friendly game. Rules play fast and are easy to pick up while still handling a lot of figures - or not so many figures. See you there!

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