ConQuest Avalon
November 9-11, 2018

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Historical Miniatures
Sun 10 AM
to 4 PM
(6 hrs)

H-161: Blevnville or Bust: Scenario 3A near Chemont
Presented by Charles Gomez

I Ain't Been Shot Mum: 15mm WWII company Level published by Too Fat Lardies
Regular signup, room for 6 players
Regular Game, General Gaming Experience, GM will provide characters and/or armies for the players
Location: not yet assigned
Description: Having successfully crossed the river Moire, and with the enemy distracted by the British demonstration at Avaux, the Americans now thrust deep into the heart of the German lines. Bypassing the German defences at Pierrecourt, an American armoured column heads for Vartres. A hastily cobbled together German force comprising rear echelon troops backed up by the fire brigade of 30th Panzer Division is in their way. This is next scenario of on going fictional campaign, based on war in the west.

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