ConQuest Avalon
November 9-11, 2018

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Fantasy/SciFi Miniatures
Sat 10 AM
to 2 PM
(4 hrs)

F-127: Gaslands: Return of the War Rig
Presented by Scott Fischbein

Regular signup, room for 5 players
Regular Game, General Gaming Experience, GM will provide characters and/or armies for the players
Location: not yet assigned
Description: Gaslands is a fun, exciting game of post-apocalyptic vehicular mayhem - think Mad Max meets Car Wars meets X-Wing. Played with modified Hot Wheels cars, the game is very inexpensive to get into and the rules are pretty straightforward. All rules will be explained, and cars/teams will be provided, or players are welcome to bring their own cars and prebuilt 50-point teams.

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